“Returning customers costs 10 times less than earning a new one”

With BOLD.Reward, we give you the tools to keep your customers happy and coming back for more

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A business is only as good as a customer remembers and with BOLD.Reward, your business will always be on top. Our solution offers you and your business a suite of helpful tools that can help you engage and maintain your existing customer base.


Create your own campaign page. No design skills required. No Coding Necessary

We do the work for you


Build Your Campaign

Reaching out has never been easier. Our easy to use forms will allow you to create your own campaign, implement your corporate branding style and compose messages that reflects your company's unique identity.


Reward Loyal Customers

Engage. Learn more from your loyal customers, understand what makes the business works and what doesn't. Use our platform to reward your customer for their valuable insights, then use these insights to improve.


Multiple Delivery Channels

Our solution comes with several built-in delivery channels to ensure that you can reach every type and generation of customers through as many platforms as possible.


Gain Actionable Data

Our analytics system will help provide you with information to better understand what works and what does not for your customer. Using this information, build or derive accurate strategies to improve your service level.

Reach your customers in 5 minutes

Get your campaign running almost instantly with our solution

Personalize your campaigns

Build a landing page that comes with your signature touch

Intuitive user interface

Computer savvy or not, you'd be running like a pro in no time


Reward your customers

Show your customers how much they mean with the right reward

Understand consumer behaviour

Learn what works for your customers and keep them coming back for more

Reduce overheads

Save cost by building a loyal customer base that keeps returning

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Our pricing policy is designed in a way which tailors to different business needs

Have something else in mind? Feel free to contact us and we can work something out


Starter Plan
  • Campaign Customise Page
  • Multiple Promo Code Creation
  • Distribution Channel- Email
  • Integration Channel- SDK/ URL
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Basic Reporting (Export)
  • Promo Code Validation- Online
  • Free SSL Certification
  • 8 X 5 Email Support
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